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Introducing the Alumni Newsletter! This is a monthly issue that is free to everyone. The active brothers here at Kappa Lambda would like to give you (our alumni) insight into the daily workings of our great fraternity! Please, if you have any feedback or would like to be featured in our newsletter, click the proper buttons below.  

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November 6th @3-7pm







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List of Notable Sigma Nu Alumni

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K L 0001
Mr. Ronald A. Martell
K L 0002
Mr. Jeffrey W. Gardiner
K L 0004
Mr. Patrick E. Voight
K L 0005
Mr. Steven J. Barnes
K L 0006
Mr. John M. Behler
K L 0007
Mr. Thomas H. Carroll
K L 0008
Mr. Mark D. Gresser
K L 0009
Mr. Shawn D. Hullihen
K L 0010
Mr. Robert D. Hulick
K L 0011
Mr. Richard D. Keffer
K L 0012
Mr. Scott C. Keglovic
K L 0013
Mr. David A. Kotte
K L 0014
Mr. John M. LeCastre
K L 0015
Mr. Mark E. Litkovitz
K L 0016
Mr. James P. Lynes
K L 0017
Mr. Robert S. Maciag
K L 0018
Mr. Timothy L. Miano
K L 0019
Mr. Timothy J. Novak
K L 0020
Mr. Gerald F. Petit
K L 0021
Mr. Jeffrey A. Perkins
K L 0022
Mr. Mark W. Pickering
K L 0023
Mr. Randolph S. Stepp
K L 0024
Mr. Charles R. Taylor
K L 0025
Mr. Jerome M. Wolens
K L 0027
Mr. Anthony J. Barisono
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