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Why Sigma Nu?

- Develop lifelong friendships and brotherhoods.
- Build a worldwide network of Sigma Nu connections.
-Teach valuable business, interpersonal and social skills.
- Develop leadership abilities and confidence.
- Provide opportunities to give back to the community.
- Help you become the best version of you.


Cumulative College GPA : 2.65 / High School GPA: 3.0   

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the negative stereotypes of fraternities true?
No not at all! These stereotypes are false and very damaging to Greek life. In fact, according to research done at Kent State University, 75% of the US Congress is Greek, 85% are campus leaders, and 80% of Fortune 500 Executives are Greek. Sigma Nu was created off the base of anti-hazing, the University of Akron, IFC, and Sigma Nu take this very seriously.
Does being in a fraternity affect your academic performance?
Actually yes but in a positive way. Sigma Nu is held and holds it brothers to a high standard of academic performance. Because of being held to a higher standard than most fraternities, we are looked at one of the top fraternities based on academics. Brothers will push you to do better in the classroom along with giving academic and career advice.
Does Sigma Nu haze?
No. Hazing is prohibited by the University of Akron, IFC, and the state of Ohio. Hazing is defined as in Akron's policy as physical harm, mental harm, and/or emotional harm. Sigma Nu was founded on anti-hazing policies and still holds true to this day. Sigma Nu takes anti-hazing very seriously, along with the IFC, is committed to ensuring that the members experience with Greek life is a positive and healthy one.

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